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TRUST US! "Where dogs get to be dogs"

If you are not 100% confident in your decision to allow your four-legged child to stay with us, then DON’T.

I don’t mean to seem rude, but if you are apprehensive about leaving your dog with us, then you’re coming in with a negative expectation.

With that being said, your expectations should be realistic. We cannot socialize your dog in just one visit, nor should you expect us to, especially if your dog is apprehensive. Therefore, we suggest you start off with a doggy day out, or what we call a DDO, prior to the first overnight stay. (The first evaluation DDO is free but after that normal DDO fees will apply based on the size of your dog.)

This is where the TRUST comes in. You must TRUST that we do everything in our power to assist your dog with having a wonderful experience while with us. In return, we will TRUST that your expectations are realistic.

You must TRUST that we give your puppy opportunities, several times a day, to take care of their business in the yard. We cannot guarantee that your dog will take that opportunity. He may or may not potty in his run or on his personal belongings, such as blankets, toys etc., which you have asked us to place in his run. We can and do clean the run but we are not able to wash the items that you choose to leave. (We do not have a washing machine at our facility.)

At the time of check-in, you are offered an exit bath at a minimal charge (highly recommended). If you have chosen not to take advantage of this service, your dog may or may not smell like a dog kennel upon his departure. We do not have the means to offer this service free of charge.

We need you to know that TRUST is important to us.

If you are uncomfortable in anyway, this may cause your dog to be extra stressed. Over the years, I have had people breakdown crying, screaming and generally making a scene. This behavior only feeds the stress in the dog and our STAFF.

You must TRUST that we will do everything in our power to give your pup a good experience, but if your dog doesn’t know he’s a dog, then there is little we can do. Our kennel is a dog environment… there will be barking dogs, along with a variety of other dog behaviors. This is not a problem for us, you just need to be sure it is not a problem for you.

Our mission statement at Magnolia Boarding Kennel of Huntsville is “WHERE DOGS GET TO BE DOGS” and we love it… Stephenie Vallie and staff…

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