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Emergency Procedures

Hurricane - 

Covid 19 Traveling Outside USA - 

Hurricane - 

  • Kennel spaces will be first come first served

  • All Vaccine requirement's will be enforced

  • If we lose power and our back up generators have to be used we will increase boarding rate by 1.00 dollar per day per pet to cover the cost of propane

 Suggestions - 

  • Don't wait, get us your pets before the hurricane arrives

  • Bring your pet food  

Covid 19  - If during your travels outside the USA if you are not allowed to return to the USA the following will take place

  • We will continue to care for your Pet

  • We will continue to apply the current rate for boarding

  • We will need payment for the previous days boarded

  • Commutate with us on the status of your return as often as possible

Suggested Items - ​

  • Make a plan for your pet if your not able to return

  • Tell us your plan before departure 

  • Give us payment information before departure

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