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Beyond the care we provide to many of the pets in the community, we also look for other ways to support our community as well.       Take a minute to scroll through our Gallery.

2015 Award for Magnolia Kennel
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2016 Magnolia Kennel award
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2017 Magnolia Kennel Award
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We donated 15 oxygen mask kits to Huntsville Fire department and surrounding departments. These kits each have three different size oxygen mask to fit small, medium and large animals. Thank you to all first responders,
you are greatly appreciated.

School students we were able to sponser recently for "McDugle Day 2017". McDugle Day is an event that gives participating students the opportunity to travel to the police firing range in order to work with local first responders.   The event is in honor of Larry McDugle, who passed away a few years ago.   Mr. McDugle was a major influence amongst Walker County law enforcement.  Here are a few photos of a few "Thank You's" we received.

Magnolia Kennel recently received "Thank You's" from 10 Huntsville High School students we

Thank you's for the schools
Thank you's for the schools
Thank you's for the schools
O2 Mask.jpg

We have donated 5 sets of the pet oxygen masks to the Huntsville fire Department to help them rescue pets where ever they respond.

Each kit contains 3 different sized masks to fit a variety of animals, training CD, training cards, and location stickers for the rescue vehicles.

We are aware of at least 2 successful rescues utilizing these masks in Walker County!!

We donated pet masks to HVFD

UPDATE:   We were recently able to purchase and donate 1 kit to the New Waverly Fire Department.  02/2017

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Charity Bowling

Magnolia Kennel of Huntsville participated in a charity event for Rita B Huff Animal Shelter, July 25 2014.

We had the honor of sponsoring a team for the second annual Pins for Pets for our local animal shelter “Rita B Huff”.   Our four person team had a great afternoon, raising money for this event.  We look forward to next year.

Scott and I would like to thank Karen, Chester, Kathryn and Trisha for helping us.

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