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Welcome to Doggy Boarding 101!   Visit this area of our website to find out what to expect, for you and for your pet before, during and after a stay.   We have set this up FAQ (Frenquently Asked Questions) style so hopefully you can just scan the questions, find the one that will answer your question or concern and come back another time if another question comes up!  

1.  Can I see the kennel run my dog will be sleeping in?    Tours are encouraged, but are not allowed at the time of drop off.  Any time a new person or dog enters the kennel area, it disrupts our daily activity.  We encourage you to arrange a tour before bringing your pet for a visit.   Tours are only available within normal posted business hours, and are best after 10 a.m. in the morning and at least 1 hour prior to closing.

2.  I have more than one dog, can they stay in same kennel together?  Yes, we actually encourage this but with a few rules... 1.) dogs must be able to eat within the same run with no aggressive behavior between them.  2.) both dogs must be fed the same food  3)  Owners must understand the risk of placing dogs together in the same run.  

3.  If I have an aggressive dog, can you still board him/her?  This will depend on what kind of "aggressive" your dog is.  You should call and talk to staff before boarding or making reservations if you feel your dog can be or has been aggressive in the past.  Most likely we will set up a DDO (Doggy Day Out) for the dog to test the level of aggressive behavior.

4. What is the age requirement to board a puppy or kitten?  The age isn't the important issue.  The puppy or kitten must be completely vaccinated with our required vaccinations.  (See our Vaccination Policy)  Your vet will discuss with you the appropriate age for all required vaccinations.

5.  If my dog/cat needs daily medication can he/she still board at your kennel?  Yes, we ask that the medicine for each pet be placed in a ziplock bag clearly labeled with your pets name and written instructions.  The medicine should be handed directly to staff upon arrival with verbal instruction given as well.

6.  Do I need to bring my pet's food from home?  Yes, we recommend it for no additional cost to you but if we feed ours we charge a dollar a cup.

7.  If I furnish my own pet food, what is the best way to package it?  NO GLASS CONTAINERS OF ANY KIND WILL BE ALLOWED.   The container needs to be a size that is appropriate for the length of stay. ie, 50 lbs of food for a weekend stay is way to much.... measure out 3-4 days worth of food and provide in small plastic container with lid or ziplock bags.  These containers should be labeled with your pet's names, your last name, feeding schedule and amounts.   We will provide stainless feeding dishes so please do not bring your pet's bowls.  If your pet cannot eat out of stainless steel, please bring this to our attention up drop off.    

8.  How long will I be expected to wait to check in/check out my pet?  Times could vary depending on how many clients are checking in ahead of you, but the first time you check in your pet will be the longest.  Allow at least 15 minutes.  After the first visit, this process should speed up considerably to under 5 minutes.  

9.   Can my pet catch a disease while staying at your facility?   Yes, your pet can be exposed to disease whenever it comes into contact with other animals.  We do our best to minimize that risk, however risk cannot be eliminated.   We require advance vaccination to ensure a healthy population of boarded guests.  We make every effort to clean and sanitize in order to provide a clean and healthy environment for your pet during its stay.  We have also installed a  SANUVOX/S300FX which is an ultraviolet air treatment system designed to filter and purify the air.



10.  Why should I board my dog at a Kennel/Boarding Facility instead of with my veterinarian?    Your veterinarian provides a service that to a pet owner is priceless.   When our dogs are in need of medical attention we want our veterinarians taking care of them and catering to all their medical needs.   Please, if your pet is having a serious medical problem and you need to board, the veterinarian's office is most likely the best place for you to seek boarding...  This is what they are there for.  Most veterinarian clinics are not set up for optimal long term boarding for your healthy pet.   At a boarding facility, our primary function is to provide comfortable and spacious housing and dedicated staff whose only responsibility is to provide personal attention to the needs of your pet for the length of their stay, regardless of whether its for the day, overnight, a week or a month.    Take a minute to compare the two photos below.    The photo to the left is an EXAMPLE of where your pet might house while boarding with a veterinarian with a few leash walk opportunities in a day.    The photo to the right is an example of the space your pet can enjoy while boarding at a Kennel/Boarding facility, where they will also enjoy the freedom of multiple trips to the yard to romp and play every day.   

Pet create

Now, consider which space you feel your pet will be most comfortable in and your decision is made!

Picture of a 4x12 foot kennel run
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