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Doggy Day Out (DDO)

What is it, and why do you need
How it works
How much it costs

Doggy Day Care (DDO) is a service we provide for pets that need to be away from their homes within the same business day.  
     There are many reasons you might find a need for the "Doggy Day Out" services Magnolia Kennel has to offer.  

     Perhaps you are deep into a project and find that your pup is just too much under foot and needs another place to be for a day.

   Maybe your pawed friend has a little too much energy and destroys things at home while your away for the day.
      If your pup has anxiety issues or has never boarded away from home, we highly recommend you give DDO a try before they come for an overnight visit.   This will give your dog a shortened exposure the first time and give kennel staff a chance to observe your pet so you have greater piece of mind when it comes time for a longer stay.

      What every your reason might be, just get with us and let us see how we can help you!

Its really very simple... just make contact with us to ensure that Doggy Day out space is available for the day, drop your pet off and pick your pet up anytime within our currently posted business hours.   

The fee for Doggy Day Out services is
$13 1/2day (P/U 12:30 PM) or $20 full day

DDO Services are only available, Monday - Friday 

and are not available at all during our HOLIDAY schedules.

During any holiday periods, please call first.

All doggie day out (DDO) dogs will need to be picked up by 5:50 p.m. or they will be kept overnight at the owner's expense.  We are sorry for any inconvenience but it is necessary so as not to expect staff to wait beyond business hours (employees hourly cost is higher than the total price for daily DDO rates.)  


DDO's get to enjoy the pool while there hear with us... 

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