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Magnolia Kennel of Huntsville

     One could say that the idea for Magnolia Kennel began when Stephenie was just a teen watching episodes of "Lassie" on tv.  She knew that someday, whatever she did as an adult, would involve animals in some way.   Stephenie grew up helping to take care of the family horses, raising chickens and steers for FFA and working her weekends and summers for  a home town veterinarian.  She would continue to work weekends and summers at that same office as she went on to attend college at Sam Houston State University pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice.   

     While continuing her education part-time,  Stephenie went on to work for The Texas Department of

Criminal Justice in 1984.  It is no surprise that for many years she would carry out the duties of K-9 officer for the agency.  By 1993, she had earned her degree and by 1998 made the decision to retire and later that same year took a leap a faith to build her own business at which time Magnolia Kennel of Huntsville was born.   

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