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Bordetella/Kennel cough

We require this vaccination a minimum of once a year. Your veterinarian may recommend every six months which is even better.  This vaccination along with all other vaccinations are never a 100%.   It depends on your dogs natural immune system, age and etc.  Any medical questions should be discussed with your veterinarian.  

What we have found with Kennel cough is that some dogs will show few symptoms of this virus.  If your dog has any symptoms of kennel cough such as coughing, runny nose ,lethargic and this is out of the norm for that dog we suggest you isolate him at home.  

Just like viruses in the human community viruses in the dog Community will spread.  Just like with the flu vaccination in the human community, you may get the flu vaccination but you may still get the flu or a lesser Version.  

At Magnolia Kennel of Huntsville we do everything in our power to eliminating the spreading of viruses. We require proof of vaccinations which includes Bordetella/kennel, puppy  boosters and rabies.

We utilize a S300FX hepa filter / UV air treatment system for our buildings.  This system filters the air to assist in eliminating viruses.   Along with this system we disinfect with a hospital grade disinfectant. 

We also us a Kaivac cleaning system.

This system dispenses the disinfect, pressure wash and recover of dirty water.  Again assisting us with sanitation.  

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