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Thank you for submitting your reservation request.  

Please be aware that your reservation is not compete until we have had the opportunity to check availability.  You will receive a confirmation from us within 48 hours.   If you do not hear from us after that time has passed, please feel free to follow up with us by phone or email.     Thank You.

Points to remember:  If you make a reservation and fail to cancel that reservation at least 24 hours prior to the reservation date, you may forfeit your ability to make reservations in the future.   This is especially true during the busy season, holidays and weekends.  We will happily continue to board your pets, but you will not be able to reserve space ahead of time. In otherwords, you will have to try us on the day of arrival and see if there is space available. 
It is understandable that certain circumstances dictate the need for cancellations.   It is not the "cancelation" that causes a disruption, but becoming a "no show" disrupts the entire scheduling process for all of our customers.  This act also causes the kennel, to lose income which in turn will come back to the customer in the form of fees that everyone is required to pay.  Magnolia Kennel is a business providing a professional service.  When we reserve space for a dog for a length of time that you, the customer have requested, we are 'holding' that space for you.   When you fail to show up, without timely notification, you have disrupted the system in a minimum of two ways.  One... someone else wanted the spot you reserved, you had it reserved, so they missed out.  Two... Magnolia Kennel now loses income because of your failure to notify.   Ultimately, too many "no shows" will equate to an increase in prices for everyone.
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